My personal experience and review on PTC Websites: Neobux and Clixsense

8/29/2013 11AM

I started doing PPC (pay per click) or PTC (paid to click) on August 25, 2013. My husband’s friend told me about it and since he was willing to teach me how to get started then I grabbed that opportunity to learn and try it. I already knew from the start that this type of online money-making job is not gonna give a lot of money. I was just a little curious and I just wanna give it a try and see how much will I make in a day or week and see if it’s worth doing or if it’s just a waste of time and effort.

So there, after few minutes of demo using skype and teamviewer, I finally signed up with Neobux as his direct referral. It’s free so there’s nothing to worry about. After few hours, I searched for another PTC website and I found Clixsense interesting so I also signed up for free.  Well actually, there are a lot of PTC websites out there but I want to stick with these two first and see how everything will go in a week maybe. If it turns out good, meaning if it will generate extra income without any hassle (like getting infected with a virus or malware), then I’ll probably continue doing it and might try other PTC websites as well. Otherwise, I won’t waste my time and effort doing this even during my idle time.

Here’s by far my personal review on the 2 PTC websites:


Neobux’s sign up process is a lot easier and faster. No surveys or anything. Just fill out the form and you may start clicking ads right away (well, as long as they’re already available).

Clixsense, on the other hand, has quite a long and tedious type of signup process plus the personal information and surveys that you need to answer to complete your profile. I answered the first few surveys but I got bored towards the end so I left some portions of my profile empty and will probably continue completing it when I already have the patience to read thru the choices and options given in the surveys.


There’s not much difference in the number of ads given daily by these 2 PTC sites. But as of the moment, I’ve seen and clicked 168 ads with Neobux while 122 ads with Clixsense.


I’m always online and I love reading and writing blogs. I can always check these websites anytime I want but usually, I just check it whenever I get tired of reading and when I feel like taking a break. I’m starting to have a routine though since I’ve noticed that there’s a scheduled time for ads reset. Like with Neobux, the advertisement clicks reset at 8:10PM, thus I must check the site before that time or I might miss some ads after the reset.




Neobux with 168 seen/clicked ads has paid me $0.172

Clixsense with 122 seen/clicked ads has paid me $0.170

Neobux is up by $0.002 but looking at the number of clicked ads, Clixsense has given me more money with lesser number of ads. This is because Clixsense sometimes shows ads that are worth $0.01-$0.005 while Neobux strictly pays $0.001 per ad.


Both Neobux and Clixsense have offers which can give us chances to earn either points or cents. I’ve tried AdPrize of Neobux and Clixgrid of Clixsense but so far I haven’t gotten that luck yet for extra points and I kinda doubt if there’s really a chance of earning extra points/cents with these offers.


Both sites have options for paid membership upgrades with additional benefits like signup commissions, higher downline click commissions, more chances to win in ClixGrid and AdPrize, more ads available and possible higher returns/income. But they both have requirements list prior the upgrade.

With Neobux, you need to be registered at least 15 days ago.

With Clixsense, you need to have at least clicked 100 ads.


Almost all the PTC sites that I’ve checked have the option to invite or refer others for additional income and benefits. As I mentioned in the first part of this blog, I was also referred by my husband’s friend. And I know that he’s earning good from my clicks. J  I’d love to refer some of my friends to try this PTC thing too but I want to try it myself first and see if it’s worth recommending.



There you go! This is so far my personal review on the two PTC websites and will give you more updates probably after completing my first week with them. Let’s see how much will I earn by then. ImageImage

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