Our baby’s name

8/28/2013 2PM


Even before I got pregnant, my husband has always wanted to name our baby Chumlee, which most of us in the family disagree. My husband just love that name for some reason. We later learned that he got that name from one of the cast of the US running TV show, Pawn Stars. He is the chubby guy with big tummy (I mean who seems to be always fullJ), who happens to be the nephew of the store’s owner.  I don’t know why of all the cast in that show he loves Chumlee the most. Well, he says he likes his name because it’s unique and that he hasn’t heard of anyone else who had the same name as his.

On the first few months of my pregnancy, he always calls our baby Chumlee or Chumchum until we had our first ultrasound where we discovered that our first baby is a girl. So he had no choice but to think of a new girly name. My mother-in-law, upon knowing that we’re having a baby girl, suggested to name her Maria Cirila which came from my mom’s name Maria and hers Cirila. And since then they kept on calling our baby Maila, short for Maria Cirila. Few weeks later, we changed the name to Macey. Everybody seems to love that name. Even my friends prefer the name Macey rather than Maila. After few days of thinking about my baby’s name, I’ve come up with the name Maila Arlizze but I’m still thinking if I’d rather go for Macey Arlizze instead. Arlizze by the way came from our dads’ names. Ar from my father’s name Artemio, while Lizze is from my father-in-law’s name Elizar.  

I’m already on my 32nd week and so far, I’m more on naming our baby Macey Arlizze. But I feel like adding Fiba at the end. Yes Fiba from the recently held FIBA Asia. I’m just a great fan of Team Gilas and I was just so happy when they won over Korea after being defeated for almost 3 decades and ended up with Silver overall. Thus I’d like our baby’s name to be Macey Arlizze Fiba, however, my husband disagrees. He doesn’t want to add Fiba. L So I thought of adding Johnice instead which is a combination of my husband’s name John and mine Janice. So Macey Arlizze Johnice – from grandparents and parents names. It sounds cool to me but I still have to ask my husband and see if he’s cool with it too.


8/28/2013 6PM

I asked my husband if he’s okay with our baby’s name being Macey Arlizze Johnice. As expected, he didn’t like it. And now he’s back to naming our first baby Maria Cirila. I’m not against it but if our baby girl becomes a school girl and eventually gets older, she might blame us for giving her such an old-sounding name (not to offend our moms’ names).


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