How much I made with PTC Sites in 2 weeks

9/9/2013 4PM

It’s been exactly 2 weeks since I signed up with Clixsense and Neobux PTC websites. I have been procrastinating about making a blog for my one-week experience because there hasn’t been a big difference in terms of the number of ads I’ve clicked and the bucks I’ve made so far. Remember, I signed up with these 2 sites on August 25 and below are my running statistics after 2 weeks.
Total Clicks: 299
Earned: $0.4750

Total Clicks: 487
Earned: $0.491

Summary: In terms of the number of clicks, obviously, I’ve clicked roughly 200 more ads with Neobux than Clixsense but my earnings were not too far from each other. This only means that I spend more time clicking with Neobux ads but earn less than Clixsense. This is so because Neobux pays only $0.001 per ad click. If I’m not mistaken, in my 2 weeks time of clicking, there was only 1 ad where I got paid $0.005, whereas with Clixsense, they offer at least 3 ads daily that pay $0.01 in addition to the ads that pay the standard $0.001 per click.

After 5 days with Neobux and Clixsense, my husband’s friend taught me of his other PTC sites which I also signed up with, that was on August 30. In less than 2 weeks, below are my statistics for the new PTC sites.

Main Balance: $0.17
Total website visits: 146
This site pays a standard $0.001 per clicked ad but some ads offer a little higher than that. It doesn’t only offer text ads but also videos (youtube and vimeo) which you can’t interrupt or close otherwise you’ll not be credited and will even be banned from the site eventually. Some videos are lengthy (3 mins, 5 mins, and even 20+ mins) and only pay $0.001 per video. Sometimes I feel like it’s just a waste of time and it’s really not worth it but as of this writing, I haven’t given up on it yet, just because I want to see how much I’d make in probably a month (if I can still continue doing this in the next 2 weeks).

Account Balance: $0.4950
Your clicks: 160
This site offers different types of ads and pays differently based on the type of ad. $0.001 for fixed and nano ads, $0.01 for standard ads, $0.005 for tiny ads, and $0.003 for micro ads. More or less 5 ads are offered for each type of ad daily. Not bad.

Account Balance: $0.66
This site pays a standard $0.01 per clicked ad with a 30-second timer. It only offers less than 10 ads per day but since it pays more than the other sites, it’s worth more clicking than the rest.

I only signed up for the free standard membership with these PTC sites with no direct nor rented referrals and thus the bucks I’ve earned so far doesn’t look promising, does it? Well, I don’t expect more either because I haven’t invested any amount on any of these sites. It may seem like a waste of time and effort for some (including my husband) but what keeps me going is the curiosity of how far am I from reaching my first $1 balance and I can’t wait to see my earnings grow with these sites. But that’s if and only if I continue doing these in the next couple of days and weeks. So let’s see!


  1. I have been doing the neobux site now for about a month I am at as follows:
    Total Clicks: 806
    Earned: $3.35
    I have made this from working mini jobs, my 4 direct referrals, and rented referrals. I also had the help of a neobux strategy guide. If you are interested in more the link the the guides is . Just wanted to help a fellow neobux member out.

  2. Hi, thank you for your comment. I’m happy for you! you’ve already made $3.35 in less than a month with neobux. I haven’t tried the mini jobs yet and i don’t have direct and rented referrals but i will definitely consider that soon. I will also check the link that you suggested. Thank you for your suggestions, I really appreciate it. 🙂

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