My First Dollar with Optickbux

9/16/13 8AM
I’ve been working with PTC sites since August 25. I started with Neobux and ClixSense. Five days later, I signed up with 3 other sites namely: BuxP, The-Bux, and Optickbux. Two days ago, September 14, I finally got my first dollar posted on my Optickbux account.

optickbux first dollar

The rest of my accounts with the other PTC sites are still below $1 so I didn’t include them on my review here. Going back to my Optickbux account, I’m happy because this is the first time I saw $1 balance on my account after exactly half a month (15 days) of clicking ads. I’ve mentioned in my previous post that this site is way better than the other PTC sites. If most of the other sites pay $0.001 per ad, here it pays a standard $0.01 per ad. Yes, it looks so good to be true compared to the rest. What makes it a little fair though is that while the other sites pay less , they post more ads per day. This site on the other hand, pays more but only posts only 7 ads per day (sometimes more than 7 but most of the time it’s just really 7).

I’m happy to have finally seen my first dollar posted on this PTC site but I’m not too confident about it. The day before I got my first dollar posted, I got an error on this site saying, “Your login session has been removed because your ip address did not match the one on record. Please try logging in again. PAGE NOT FOUND. Please check the link and try again.”

It’s weird because it’s the same computer that I’ve been using since I started and I checked the IP address, everything is the same. I asked my husband’s friend (who referred me to this site) about this and he told me that he’s also kinda suspecting that this site might be a scam. He said that he also requested for payout but he hasn’t been paid yet. So he suggested that I should stop working/clicking on this site first until he gets paid.

I was a little worried but I tried visiting the site again today and it looks like it’s back to normal. I was able to click the ads and got credited on my account. I don’t know if this is really a scam or not but I’ll stick with this site for now (since it doesn’t take too much of my time anyway) and I’ll give you updates soon.

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