My First Month with PTC: Neobux, Clixsense, BuxP, The-Bux, Optickbux

10/01/2013 9AM

I thought I wouldn’t be able to accomplish the 1-month challenge I set for myself clicking boring ads on these PTC sites but I was wrong. I did it! And now I’m gonna show you the screenshots of my actual earnings posted on my account in a month’s time.

neobux 1month

clixsense 1month

buxp 1month

thebux 1month

optickbux 1month

neobux $1.003
clixsense $0.922
the-bux $1.729
buxp $1.436
optickbux $2.060

There you go! So as we all can see in the summary table, my highest balance came from Optickbux with $2.060 while the lowest came from Clixsense with $0.922. And as I mentioned in my previous posts, these are all under standard accounts (free accounts) without direct or rented referrals. I might have earned more had I signed up for the premium account plus referrals. But I wanted to see how much I could make without investing money on these sites that’s why I refrained myself from upgrading my account just yet nor paying for referrals.

And there, earning $1-$2 in a month by just clicking ads isn’t bad… if we have the patience. There were a few times when I just didn’t feel like working on my computer or wait for these ads to load. I sometimes felt too lazy and sleepy plus that little pride in me saying that I don’t deserve $0.001 wasting my time on these boring ads. But reminding myself that I was doing this because I wanted to experience it first hand and to come up with a real (not a scam) review brings me back to finding myself clicking again…

Finally, I made it! 1 month seemed so long. I can’t imagine how I managed to consistently click ads on a daily basis. But I’m happy I did it. Good job to me! 

Now I guess my next challenge is how long will I be able to stay active with these sites. Or will I consider investing money to upgrade my account and hire referrals? Or will I even think of referring this work-from-home opportunity to my friends and have them try this out for themselves as well? Or will I end up thinking that it’s really not worth it and it’s time to say goodbye to PTC and thanks for the experience?…

I don’t know what’s gonna happen either but I’ll try to give you updates whenever I can… I won’t promise because I might be busy in the next few days, weeks and even months. I don’t know if anyone has guessed it right, but yes.. I will be embracing a new challenging role as a new mom and I can’t wait to see our little princess real soon… 

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