CONFIRMED: Optickbux was a SCAM!

11/16/2013 8PM

I signed up for a free membership with Optickbux on August 30, 2013. My first dollar was posted on September 14th. While I was struggling to reach $1 with the other PTC sites, I got my first $1 posted on my account with Optickbux in less than a month. I was already kind of having doubts about this website even before I got my $1 because each ad on this website pays $.01 while the other PTC sites only pay $0.001. And even if it only offers 7-9 ads per day, still it pays more than the other sites with more than 10 ads per day.

In my previous post, “My First Dollar with Optickbux”, I mentioned that the day before I got my first dollar posted,  I got an error on this site saying, “Your login session has been removed because your ip address did not match the one on record. Please try logging in again. PAGE NOT FOUND. Please check the link and try again.” I was already suspecting that this was a scam by then but I held on to this site. My friend who referred me to this site even advised me to stop from clicking on this site because he didn’t get his payment and that there might have been really something wrong with this PTC site. I believed in him but I wanted to find out on my own if this was really a scam by continuing to click.

True enough, on November 11, 2013, I went to its website and this is what it showed.

optickbux expired

It says, “The domain name expired on Nov 10 2013 11:25PM, Click here to renew it.”

No further questions asked. I already knew what it meant. I knew that it was going to happen but I just didn’t know when so I just continued. And here it is now, showing me that the domain name expired and in my own interpretation, it’s telling me that “you’re right, I was a scam, and I’ve always been a scam right from the start.”

It may have been a waste of time and effort clicking on this website for the past 2 months but no regrets. I enjoyed doing it with Optickbux because it didn’t give me much of a headache and boredom compared to the other sites. Why? Because I didn’t have to stay and watch the ads til the 30 second countdown is over , thus I can do other stuff like checking my facebook and emails, unlike the other sites that require me to focus on the ads otherwise I won’t be credited. Also, I’m quite happy because I got this far with Optickbux. I may have not gotten any returns but I’m satisfied with my personal reviews. I’ve always wanted to blog but I didn’t know what to write or share. I finally posted my first blog on August 2013 which was about my review on PTC sites. And I was able to post more blogs from then on.


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