How I applied for postal ID


I decided to get a postal ID because I just got married and I don’t have any valid IDs with my married name on it. And to be able to make some transactions using my new last name, I need to have at least two valid IDs. And it’s not that easy… Good thing postal ID application doesn’t require as much as other valid ID applications do.

First of all, I went to the post office in Ali Mall Cubao. It’s at the third floor along with SSS and Philhealth offices. I was given 2 copies of the application forms and a small piece of paper with the sketch of the place where the notary public is located. In front of the side entrance of Ali Mall along P. Tuazon, there’s RCBC, and the notary public is right behind it along 12th Avenue.

I filled out the forms and had it notarized. I paid P150 for the notary and I had it photocopied and gave it to the notary guy. Then I submitted the forms to the post office together with my documents: photocopy of my birth certificate, NBI clearance, and marriage contract. They checked the original copy of these documents but they only took the photocopies. I also submitted 3 pieces of my 2×2 id picture which I had taken at Photoline at the ground floor of the mall which cost me P80. Then they had me pay P390 for my postal ID – P300 for regular processing (P400 for rush) and P90 for the certification of my documents.

Since I chose the regular processing, I was told to pick it up after a week.
All in all, I paid P680 for my postal ID application.

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