My first $2 cashout with Neobux


neobux $2

It’s been more than a month since I reached my first $2 on Neobux.  That was on December 19, 2013. And as of the moment, I already have $2.085 on my account.

According to this PTC site, the minimum amount paid is $2.00 on the first cashout.

neobux cashout

I started working on PTC sites last August 25, 2013 and have been consistently clicking until the day I gave birth to my baby girl on October 18, 2013. After that, I’ve only visited the PTC sites more or less 5 random times up to this date.

So in 3 months of purely clicking ads on neobux, without referrals and minijobs, I finally got my first $2. Now the question is, ‘is it worth clicking on PTC sites?’ For me, absolutely not but thanks to the experience. I might have not been able to create my first blog had I not experienced clicking on PTC sites, because my first review on it was the very first blog I shared online and it paved the way to more of my blogs since then.

Anyway, since I already have $2 on my account, it’s time to cash it out. I clicked on the payment button on my neobux account, it showed me the details and voila! My $2 was successfully transferred to my paypal account.

neobux $2 cashout

Now I confirmed that Neobux is really legitimate. It’s absolutely NOT a spam. Thanks Neobux for my first $2 on PTC.


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