Writing 101, Day 4: My 10-peso coins were gone!

I had to delay my posts for Writing 101 because I got stuck on my Day 4 assignment. The instruction was to write about a loss: something (or someone) that was part of your life, and isn’t any more.

I tried thinking about some important people in my life either a relative that has already passed away or a person that I had intimate relationship with in the past. But I didn’t want to think about it. I didn’t want to go back to it. So I thought about something else.

I already wanted to write about this the day the fourth assignment was posted but I was hesitant because this is somewhat controversial. But I realized that the longer I delay this task, the more the assignments I have to make up on in the coming days. So I decided to finally share what I wanted to tell about this loss.

I used to be a coin collector. A 10-peso coin collector in particular. Why the 10-peso coin of all the other coins? It’s simply because I like its design. I like it having a two-colour (silver outer and gold inner) appearance.

10-peso coin

I started doing this since I was studying in college. That was almost 10 years ago. But I didn’t get to collect much during college because I had very limited allowance. I was able to collect more when I was already earning. I didn’t change my paper bills to 10-peso coins. I just kept those that are left in my coin purse from my allowance, either a change from fare or from anything that I purchased.

I used to keep it in a small piggy bank made of cardboard. It was in the apartment where I used to live when I was still single. Then I transferred the coins to a bigger one when it was almost full and that was when I moved to my husband’s house. I usually counted it during Christmas. I felt happy like a child who’s been saving coins to buy a new toy or doll come Christmas. But when I moved in, I counted it just to check how much I had kept so far.

It wasn’t a big amount. But I didn’t care about how much it was. I was more concerned on how many pieces of coins I already have. In fact I had no plan of using them neither to buy something nor transfer them to the bank. I collect and keep them just for one reason. And that is, to give them as a gift or remembrance to my children, who will then give those coins to their future children and grandchildren and so on. That was my sole purpose.

I knew and I was aware of the “Anti-Hoarding of Philippine Legal Tender Coins Act of 2013”. I first heard about it late last year when they were still proposing for it. And actually this was the reason why I mentioned earlier in this article that I was hesitant to post this. Okay, forgive me. I didn’t mean to hoard these coins. But I’ve been collecting these even before you passed that bill!

I felt bad when I first learned about that bill. I didn’t understand why they have to run after these poor citizens who are keeping some of these little coins for personal reasons. Like for me, I didn’t plan to use it for something illegal. But with this bill, it’s just like telling me that I’m already doing something illegal because I’m collecting and keeping these coins. Why don’t they just focus on hunting those rich citizens who are involved in the graft and corruption activities just like that controversial pork barrel scam?!

Sorry, I got carried away with my emotions. Actually I’m not really talking about this new bill or act or law. I’m not familiar with these terms so I’m not sure how to call it. But this is not the issue.

The real thing is, I lost my most kept 10-peso coins. They were stolen!

I didn’t know when it was stolen but I found out that it was gone when I lifted the piggy bank using one hand and I realized that it shouldn’t be lifted that easily. I normally used two hands with force when I had to lift it because the coins were heavy.

And it made me extremely depressed upon knowing that my coins were gone.

Those coins were valuable to me. You already knew why. And I won’t even trade it for higher amount of bills.

Now the big question is, “Who stole it?”

We’re still trying to find out who did it. We have suspects but we don’t have enough evidence that’s why we don’t want to point our fingers on anybody just yet. But it’s definitely someone in the house.

And maybe that’s something that we’ll all find out in the next series.

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