Writing 101, Day 6: The Giggling Macey

Because I got stuck on my 4th assignment, all my next assignments were delayed as well. Now I’m trying to double time and make it up for my missed tasks. I’m done with my Day 4 and 5. Two more to go before the 8th assignment gets posted on Writing 101 page.

Day 6 is writing about the most interesting person I’ve met this year. But since I could not think of anyone, I’ll just write about this adorable baby girl that I first met last year.

I’m talking about my now 7-month old daughter. I gave birth to her October of last year. We’ve been together for almost 10 months while she was on my womb, but we only got to meet each other personally when she was born. And that was one of the best moments of my life.

When I was pregnant, I always talked to her. I started singing lullabies and nursery songs while feeling her kicks and movements. I always imagined how she looks like. I wondered if she’s more like me or her dad. I was always excited thinking how it’s going to be like when she’s already in my arms.

Then she arrived. I gave birth to her via C-section delivery. When I regained my consciousness after the operation, the very first thing I asked for was my baby, who at that time was in the NICU. The nurse on duty together with my husband assisted me going to the NICU to see my baby. As I was on the door, I couldn’t help but cried. I was so excited to see her. They said the baby was shown to me the moment she was delivered but I couldn’t remember anything.

Then I finally saw her. I carried her in my arms. I hugged her. I kissed her. I couldn’t believe she’s already here with me, with us. I was overjoyed and overwhelmed to finally see her. I felt so blessed. I couldn’t thank God enough for giving her to us. She was so adorable. I could feel the purity of her heart and soul. I liked touching her face, her little nose and mouth, her fingers, her feet. I was deeply, madly in love with her.

While I was caressing every bit of her, my husband was outside the glass window watching and taking a video of us. Then he cried. He was as overwhelmed as I was. I couldn’t help but cried too. Oh tears of joy!

The arrival of our baby brought so much joy in the house. The little milestones and changes bring excitement not just to her but to all of us. Her playful gestures and giggles are irresistible. Having her in our family is really a blessing and we’re grateful to God for giving her to us.

the giggling macey

the giggling macey


  1. Hi maijan! Firstly, congratulations for the new member in your life…..your daughter, liked reading about her…..
    Its the most beautiful feeling which cannot be expressed in words. All your worries are at one side , the most important of all is ‘Your Baby’ . I have experienced it and I know it feels wonderful😊

  2. thank you @soniarajeev08! it always surprises me to see comments here. and you’re right! words are not enough to express the happiness that our child brings to us. am happy to share thoughts with you..

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