Writing 101, Day 7: Buy, Sell, or Hold?

Today’s assignment: Write a post based on the contrast between two things — whether people, objects, emotions, places, or something else.

I initially thought of an argument that my husband and I had recently which was about whether to save our extra money in our joint savings account in the bank or to invest it somewhere else for potential higher returns.

Wifey: Isn’t it a great idea to invest our extra money in UITF or stock market instead of just parking it in the bank with very little interest?

Hubby: UITF? Stock market? No! I don’t even know what they are. Let’s just keep it in the bank. That way, we can get it anytime we need it.

Wifey: But dad, our money is not growing in the bank. Inflation is growing faster than the value of our money. The bank is happy, while we are not because of inflation.

Hubby: I don’t know what you’re talking about. Okay, go ahead and invest it wherever you want. Just make sure that it won’t be lost.

Wifey: I love you, daddy! 🙂 (feeling scared but excited)


Then I decided to invest it in the stock market.

I know a little bit about it from what I’ve read online but I’m still a newbie. I just took the courage to start doing it to experience it firsthand.

Every day, when I trade, my left and right brain would always argue on what to do. So this time, it’s not me and my husband arguing on making a decision. It’s solely me who decides whether to buy, hold, or sell the stock.

buy? sell? hold?

what to do???

LEFT: Go check the active trades, gainers and losers and pick a stock.

RIGHT: Ok, I’ll go for stock ABC. Yesterday, its open price was low and moved high on closing. Today, it opened with low price and it’s moving up. It looks like it’s going to have the same trend as yesterday.

LEFT: Are you sure with that?

RIGHT: Yes, I think so.

LEFT: Alright, then buy it.

RIGHT: I bought it.

(The price continued to change from low to high, got even higher, until it remained the same for a while…)

RIGHT: Let’s sell it. Anyway we already gained 10%.

LEFT: No, not yet. Let’s hold it. It’s still going up. We’re going to gain more profit.

RIGHT: What if not? What if it moves back down? We’re going to lose it.

LEFT: What if it moves up even higher. 20%? 50%? 100%? We’ll double our money! Let’s hold it for now. (here comes the enemy, greed)

RIGHT: (Thinking twice about being greedy: I’m happy with a 10% gain. It’s already a sure win. But my left brain may be right. If the price continues to move up, then we’ll gain more.) Ok, HOLD!

The price went down a bit. Then it moved further down.

LEFT: Don’t worry it’s gonna go up again, let’s continue to hold it.

RIGHT: I told you, we should have just sold it earlier.

Then the price went back to its lowest opening price.

LEFT: Hmmm, maybe we should sell it now before we lose everything.

RIGHT: But it’s the same thing. If we sell it now, we’ll lose a part of it. If we continue to hold it, we lose but it’s just a paper loss. Not a real loss.

LEFT: Ok, let’s hold it for today. Let’s do it better tomorrow…


As a newbie trader, it’s very hard to predict when is the best time to buy, hold or sell. A lot of factors affect my decision including fear and greed plus those roller coaster emotions. But I guess that’s what’s learning is. It’s all about trial and error. The more I commit mistakes, the more I learn my lessons. And that keeps me going…

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