I finally made my first website!!!


Oh i missed this blog!

It’s been more than a month since I posted my last article here. I wasn’t even able to finish the Writing 101 challenge. It’s sad because I missed some of the great topics. But nonetheless, I’m thankful because the challenge paved the way to the creation of my new self-hosted blog.

After signing up for my domain and web hosting service, I self-learned web development. It was challenging because I knew nothing about it. I watched youtube tutorials, I read how-to articles, and went through a lot of trial and error processes.

My website crashed several times while I was working on it. I almost gave up when I couldn’t make things right. It even got to a point where I searched for local web developers to finish my blog or just start from scratch since it’s totally messed up.

But I stayed patient and determined. And it sure did pay off.

In less than a month, my website went live. I posted some of the articles that I’ve written few months back. I continued to improve and make changes on my blog to make it look just exactly the way I wanted.

It’s not perfect but I am very happy with it. Never in my entire life had I thought that I could make my own website. I didn’t have a background in any computer-related field and I knew it wasn’t my thing at all.

But I realized that if you really want something, no matter how difficult or challenging it may seem, there is always a way to do it. And that’s if you’re patient and determined enough to get it done.


Having said all that, I would like to introduce my first ever self-made website, www.pinayinvestor.com

This is a personal finance website and I know that not everybody likes topics on this niche but I hope you could visit my site soon.

I will greatly appreciate it if you could also share your thoughts or suggestions on how I can improve my new site.


Thank you for reading and I hope to see you at www.pinayinvestor.com



I’m not giving up this blog.  I love this site. This is where I started and I will forever be grateful of the knowledge and skills I developed when I started writing here. I may not be a good writer, but writing here has helped me develop self-confidence to express my thoughts and share my experiences through blogging.


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