Writing 101, Day 10: Happy Pancit Day!

Today, tell us about your favorite childhood meal — the one that was always a treat, that meant “celebration,” or that comforted you and has deep roots in your memory.

Free to focus on any aspect of the meal, from the food you ate to the people who were there to the event it marked. Today’s twist: Tell the story in your own distinct voice.


I may sound bitter but I never had a kiddie party. My family lived a simple life in the province. I don’t remember having a birthday party for myself when I was a kid. And that may be one of the reasons why I had so much insecurity when I was growing up.

pancit sardinas
I know that there’s a celebration in the family if there’s “pancit bihon” or rice noodles. Since my parents usually don’t have enough budget for celebrations, this pancit is just made of simple and cheap ingredients including tuna sardines and a little bit of cabbage and carrots. Then my mom would buy a loaf of bread and we use the pancit as sandwich spread. If there’s extra money, my parents would also buy a liter of coke. And together, we all eat happily.

Sometimes I would think that parties don’t need to be as expensive. Other people don’t need to spend so much or have so much to celebrate a birthday especially if they really can’t afford to do so. Sometimes, celebrating it with your loved ones even with a simple menu on the table is all it takes to have a happy celebration.


Hello October, here you come!!!

10/01/2013 8PM

I’ve always been looking forward to this month since I found out that I was pregnant back in March. October is significant to me because this is my baby’s estimated birth month. My due date falls on the third week which is 2 weeks away from today but according to my OB, I might experience labor signs anytime so it’s possible that it might be earlier than my due date (or might be later, we never know).

Being able to stay pregnant up to this day is such a relief and this is something that I’m very thankful about. The first few months of my pregnancy wasn’t that easy. I was diagnosed with high-risk pregnancy with possible miscarriage or pre-term labor. I have been out of work since March and I was just at home most of the time as I was advised to be on strict bed rest to protect myself and the baby. I wanted to go back to work but I didn’t want to take the risk of possibly losing my baby so I obeyed and stayed at home the whole time I was pregnant.

When I had my checkup last July, I was told that the chance of having pre-term labor was high and I might deliver the baby by August or September. Along with my prayers, I obeyed everything that my OB advised me from my medications to no walking, no household chores and only strict bed rest until the end of September. True enough and thank God, it’s officially October and I’m already on my full term. I don’t worry about pre-term labor anymore but I continue to pray and prepare myself (physically, emotionally, mentally  and spiritually) for the big day. I’m hoping and praying hard that I’ll be able to handle the pain and the challenges related to labor and be able to deliver my little princess safely, without any complications or issues.

Aside from preparing myself for the big day, I will also be spending the next few days thinking and planning about parenting and career goals. I’ve been reading a lot of blogs and articles about smart parenting and I’ve learned so many tips but I know that nothing beats the actual parenting experience. I don’t know how I’m gonna be like as a mom and as a parent but I’ll do my best.

Waiting for our baby’s arrival is also a good time for me and hubby to spend quality time together. We know that a lot of things will change upon our princess’s coming so we’re enjoying every moment as husband and wife before we finally transition to becoming daddy and mommy. I’m so blessed and grateful for having such a sweet, loving, and ever supportive husband.